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In our half-day or a full-day sessions participants will:

  • Learn how their particular instrument works and its role within the group

  • Learn now to make their contribution to the music fit in time with the parts of their surrounding colleagues

  • Problem solve as a group by participating in games such as 'fill in the missing notes' and 'Caribbean whispers'

  • Work with their colleagues to perform a song by the end of the workshop

Steeldrumbands will record the final performance and provide you with a video of your team's achievements


    The courses that we offer - learning to perform a piece of music on the steel drums - are a fantastic, fun way to encourage individuals within a team to work together to succeed at an unfamiliar challenge


    With each instrument making a different contribution to the music - bass, chords, melody or harmony - the role and importance of every individual in the success of the group is quickly established.


    The necessity to collaborate to accomplish a common goal helps to build effective working relationships within any group

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